Welcome to the University of Nigeria College of Medicine Virtual Community. The College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Enugu Campus, is a premier medical school in Nigeria which was established in 1970. The College of Medicine, apart from  being the first Institution in black Africa to perform open heart surgery, has a strong centre for cardiothoracic surgery and tropical cardiology. This made the Federal Government of Nigeria to officially recognize the Teaching Hospital of the College (University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital UNTH) a Centre of Excellence in that field. The College has staff with considerable experience in the field of experimental Pharmacology/Therapeutics and Toxicology, Nephrology and Gastroenterology, Radiation Medicine, and in other disciplines of Medical Sciences. The College of Medicine has recorded substantial research results most of which are relevant to the community and local environment. It is an honour to note that the College of Medicine has produced men and women of honour in different areas of medical sciences, most of which are in positions of authority both in the country and in Diaspora. We welcome all alumni and alumnae, as well as new visitors, to visit the college and take an interest in future development and advancement of the College of Medicine in order to keep their alma mater alive. You will find on this website information on the college and what services and facilities are available. Please enjoy your visit to our website, and            visit it regularly for announcement of College events and updates.

Past and Present Provosts of The College



Professor R.M. Anikwe

1982                 -               1986

Professor D.C. Nwafor

1986                 -               1990

Professor F.N. Ude

1990                 -               1994

Professor U. Megafu

1994                 -               1998

Professor B.C. Okafor

1998                 -               2000

Professor M.A.C. Aghaji

2000                 -               2004

Professor B.C. Ozumba

2004                 -               2008

Professor Aloy Aghaji

2008                 -               2009

Professor B.J. C. Onwubere

2010                -                 2014

 Professor Ernest  Onwasigwe 2014                                till date