Medical laboratory Sciences can be defined as diagnostic/investigative medicine. The laboratory is the fulcrum of sciences and ipso facto the light of modern medicine. The department was established to produce high level manpower for qualitative medical science. It followed the initiative taken by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1979, to establish degree programmes for professions allied to medicine, (vide Guidelines for Medical Faculty, MH2766/11/517).
The department was officially established in 1983 and was one of the foundation departments of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology and the first of its kind in Nigeria. In 1984, the Council of Medical Laboratory Sciences of Nigeria, (CMLSN), approved the programmes in Clinical Chemistry. Haematology, Histopathology, Immunology and Medical Microbiology, leading to the award of Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences, (B.MLS). Courses are also taught in Medical Instrumentation and Pharmacology. Admission is via UME/JAMB requiring credits in English Language, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics in the Senior School Certificate Examination or its equivalent. So far the department has produced 503 graduates. The department also has postgraduate programmes leading to the award of PGD, M.Sc and PhD in these medical disciplines and has produced 109 postgraduates with a current PG registration of 58.
The current academic staff strength is 12 plus 4 adjunct lecturers among who are two professors and 3 senior lecturers. The staff is engaged in research, publications and consultancy. The goals of the department include:-
- Qualitative Laboratory Sciences Education.
- Research and Publication.
- Policy Formulation.
- Consultancy Services and Project Design.
- Production of reagents/kit, equipments, chemicals etc locally.

General Information and Academic Programme:
The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences offers a five-year professional B.MLS degree programme in Medical Laboratory Sciences. Courses in Medical Laboratory Sciences are taught under five disciplines: Clinical Chemistry, Haematology, Medical Microbiology, Histopathology and Immunology including Instrumentation and Pharmacology. In the first four years the student attains over-all competence in all these disciplines. The final year is reserved for undergraduate specialization in any TWO of these Medical Laboratory subjects one as a Major, and the other as a Minor area of specialization.

The courses are designed to highlight to the student the central role laboratory investigation of components of biological fluids, blood, urine, cerebro-spinal fluid, secretions, tissues or organs play in diagnosis, management and prognosis of disease states. The students also at the end of the course acquires the expertise to fabricate new equipment or repair or modify existing ones, and refine old techniques or introduce new diagnostic procedures.

Entry Requirements:
Admission is through UME/JAMB. Candidates must have satisfied the minimum University requirements for admission and are required to obtain credits in English Language, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics in the Senior School Certificate Examination or its equivalent.

Job Opportunities:
On the successful completion of the five-year degree programme, students obtain registration with the Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences and Technology of Nigeria after the completion of one-year internship in a recognized and accredited hospital. This registration enables them to take up careers in Medical Laboratory Sciences as Medical Laboratory Scientists, in teaching and specialist hospitals, government hospitals, primary health care centers, research centers, private to health centers, private establishments and quality control units of industries. The graduates have job opportunities as research scientists, teachers in institution of higher learning or they can become employers of labour by establishing their own diagnostic/research laboratories or instrument maintenance/fabrication centers. It is part of their professional ethos to ensure quality and uphold accountability in practice.

Past and Present Heads of The Department



Dr. J. C. Aghananya

1985    -   1986

Ven. E.O. Ukaejiofo

1986    -   1988

Prof. G. I. Ibeachum (Late)

1988    -   1989

Prof. A. C. J. Ezeoke

1989    -   1990

Ven. E. O. Ukaejiofo

1990    -   1992

Prof. (Mrs) N.F. Onyemelukwe

1992    -   2005

Mr. J. C. Onyeanusi

1998    -   2004

Prof. (Mrs) N. F. Onyemelukwe

2004    -   2006

Barr. P.U. Achukwu

2006    -   2008




          and Date

Rank with Date

Prof. N.F. Onyemelukwe

B. Sc (UNN) 1977

M. Sc. 1979; AIMLS 1981;

FIBMS (Lond) 1988 Mi. Biol (Lond) 1982; PH. D (Nig) 2000


1st October, 2003

Mr. P.U. Achukwu

B. MIS (Nig) 1989; M. Sc. 1998;

AIMLS 1989; LLB 2004  (UNN), BL (2005)

Snr. Lecturer

1st October, 2005

Mr. J. C. Onyeanusi

M. Sc (Nig) 1986; FIMLS (Lond)

FIMLT (Nig)  UNN, London

Snr. Lecturer

1st October, 1993

Mr. I. S. I.  Ogbu

AILMS 1978; FIMLS 1984;

M. Sc. 1982

Lecturer  I

1st October, 2003

Mr. T. K. C. Udeani

AIMLS 1990; FEMLS 1993;

MLSCN; M. Sc. 1998 (UNJOS) 

Lecturer  I

19th July, 2006

Mr. Agbata E.N.C.

B. MLS 1996 UNN;  M. Sc. 2003 UNN

Lecturer  II

1st October, 2004

Mr. C. N. Okwuosa

B. MLS 1991; UNN; M. Sc. NAU 2005   UNN: NAU

Lecturer  II

14th July, 2006

Mr. Silas Ufelle

AIMLS 1991; PGD UNN 1996;

M. Sc. 2003  UNN; ABSU

Lecturer  II

2nd Nov., 2006

Mr. Nubila Thomas


A’L 1991 CAM: ALML 1998 UNN

B. MLS 1998 UNN; M. Sc. UNN

Lecturer  II

23rd Oct., 2006

Mrs. Ebere Onyebueke

B.Sc. ASUTECH 1988; PGD MGT 1991 UNN MBA MGT UNN 1995; AIMLT Nig. 1999 FIMLT 2001; M.Sc.2006 UNN

Lecturer  II

Assumption of Duty

12th Dec., 2006

Mrs. O. U. Chijioke


D.V.M. UNN 1994; MBA MKT UNEC 2002, PGD MKT 2000 UNEC  (UNN)

Asst. Lecturer

Assumption of Duty

30th May, 2007

Mrs. N. C. Azubike

B. MLS UNN 2002 (UNN)

Grad. Asst

10th July, 2006


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Chief Med. Lab.

Mrs. C. U. Odoh

Lab. Technologist II

Mrs. V. Emenuga

      “              “

Mrs. N. Ezeodili

      “             “

Miss O. Ogechukwu

      “             “

Miss C. E. Amaefule

Prin. Conf. Secretary I

Mr. S. C. Nwaegbara

Senior Executive Officer




Mr. M. Ugwu M.

Snr. Lab. Attendant

Miss M.C. Ejinkonye

 Snr. Lab. Attendant

Mrs. A.O. Ugwuoke

Head Cleaner/Messenger