Academic Staff

1 DR . M. C.UGONABO Senior Lecturer/HOD 08077839234 Chemical Pathology
2 DR  J. N. OKEKE Lecturer II 08102680668  Chemical Pathology
3 PROF. A.C.J. EZEOKE Adjunct Professor 08033378187 Chemical Pathology
4 DR.   I. D. OSEGBE Lecturer  I 08023446933 Chemical Pathology

5 TABANIS, D. I. Chief Med. Lab. Technologist 08033440393  Chemical Pathology
6 DR . E. N. OKAFOR Chief Med. Lab. Technologist 08063309927 Chemical Pathology
7 MR.  C. I. NEBO Med. Lab. Scientist I 08036741991 Chemical Pathology
8 MISS  I. U. UDE Med. Lab. Scientist I 08036083008 Chemical Pathology
9 MISS  E. E. CHUKWUKELU Med. Lab. Scientist I 08035429058 Chemical Pathology
10 MRS .  G. U. CHINYEYE Higher Lab. Supervisor 07038772426 Chemical Pathology
11 MRS. L.. N.  EZECHI Higher Lab. Supervisor 08038306468 Chemical Pathology
12 MRS F. A. OKORONKWO Principal Conf. Secretary I 08066599134 Chemical Pathology
13 MRS  B. E.AHUNANYA Asst. Chief Typist 07038707701 Chemical Pathology

Past and Present Head of Department



Professor I. O. K.  Udeozo

1975      -      1985

Professor A. C. J. Ezeoke

1985-1989, 1997-2004

Dr. Osita Aduba

1989      -      1993

Dr. I. C. Onwuamaeze

1993      -      1996

Dr. M. C. Ugonabor

2004      -       date



The Department of pathology was one of the foundation Departments in the faculty of medicine when it was established in 1967. It had four composite clinical departments. The Department of chemical pathology was the pivotal department that coordinated chemical pathology and Hematology under the headship of the sagacious and candid late Dr I. O. K. Udeozo. After the Nigerian civil war, the teaching of medical Biochemistry was largely the responsibility of this department. Prof. K. C. Elliot from Canada contributed immensely to the teaching of Medical Biochemistry and also donated books.

Staff: The pioneer head of department, late Dr. I. O. K. Udeozo retired voluntarily from the University in 1990. Dr. A. C. J. Ezeoke was promoted to the rank of professor in 1987, the first of its kind in pathology. Among the notable academic staff of the department were-Dr. Osite Aduba who retired in 2001, and Dr I. C. Onwuameze who retired in 2004 but are still serving as adjunct lecturers. The present Head of Department is Dr. M. C. Ugonabo.

The department is endowed with competent medical laboratory Technologists among whom is Mr. D. I. Tabansi who (though retired) is on adjunct appointment. He has served as Expert Technical Advisers to the college for many years. He was the immediate past chairman of the Board of Institute of medical Laboratory Technology and is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the Institute. Two of our former staff now head departments of medical Laboratory Sciences in our College and in Imo State University. Currently there is one Assistant Chief Medical Laboratory Technologist and three (3) Medical Laboratory Scientist II in the Department. The current academic staff strength is three - made up of 1 Professor and 2 Senior lecturers. Currently, some of the academic staffs who have retired are retained as contact staff; while efforts are being made to recruit more academic staff. In the area of staff development, it is hoped that in the very near future, the department will be able to mount a postgraduate programme for M. Sc and PhD Degrees. The department prepares resident doctors for the professional Postgraduate Medical. Examination to both the National and West African Postgraduate Medical College as well as training of medical students at 3rdMBBS level. Currently the Department has seven (7) Resident Doctors; two (2) Senior Registrars, two (2) Registrars and three (3) Senior House Officers; In addition, the department prepares undergraduates students for AIMLS. The staff engages in team work for the successful handling of student's problems. Most staff members belong to professional bodies. Prof. Ezeoke and Dr. Aduba, have for long been external examiners to many tertiary institutions in the country. We have successful produced one Sc.D one PhD four MSc. and one F. W.A.C Path.

Research is going on in the department in the following areas: Antioxidant Vitamin C
Oxidation in nephritic syndrome
Metabolic disorders
Micronutrients and disease
Lipids and cardiovascular disease
Cations in cardiovascular disease
Immunochemistry-Reproductive Endocrinology-auto antibodies to sperm.


The department runs a metabolic/obesity clinic at the Teaching Hospital site Departmental Library Internet Facilities

Cardio-Renal Unit
Immunology/lmmunochemistry Unit
Metabolic/TDM Unit
Protein Unit
Micronutrient/Nuclear Medicine Unit
Oncological Pathology Units