S/NO.                                NAME       RANK    PHONE NO               E-MAIL DEPARTMENT
1   PROF. EMODI, JOSEPHINE IFEOMA Professor O8O34086764 ifeoma.emodi@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
2  PROF. IBE, BEDE CHIDOZIE Professor O8O37740658 bede.ibe@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
3 PROF. OBIDIKE, EGBUNA OLAKUNLE Professor O8O33219404 egbuna.obidike@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
4 PROF. OJINNAKA NGOZI CHINYELU Professor O8O30965131 ngozi.ojinnaka@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
5 PROF. OKAFOR, HENRIETTA UCHCENNA Professor O8O33218687 henrietta.okafor@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
6 PROF. ADIMORA GILBERT NWADIAKA Professor O8O33257771 nwadiakanma@yahoo.com Paediatrics
7 DR. NWOKOCHA ROSEMARY ADA Snr. Lecturer O8O38869310 ada.nwokocha@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
8 DR. OGUONU, TAGBO Snr. Lecturer O8O33310999 tagbo.oguonu@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
9 DR. IKEFUNA, ANTHONY NNAEMEKA Snr. Lecturer O8O37431074 nnanikefuna@yahoo.com Paediatrics
10 DR. UWAEZUOKE, SAMUEL NKACHUKWU Snr. Lecturer O8033248108 sammel.uwaezuoke@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
11 DR. IBEKWE, ROLAND CHIDI Snr. Lecturer O8037875631 roland.ibekwe@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
12 DR. OBU, HERBERT ANAYO Snr. Lecturer O8037905110 herbert.obu@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
13 DR. ARONU ANN EBELE Snr. Lecturer O8035516694 ann.aronu@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
14 DR. CHUKWU BARTHOLOMEW FRIDAY Lecturer I O8036757006 bath.chukwu@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
15 DR. ODETUNDE ISRAEL ODUTOLA Lecturer O8033348242 israel.odetunde@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
16 DR. EDELU, BENEDICT ONYEKACHUKWU Lecturer I O8033148796 benedict.edelu@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
17 DR. UBESIE, AGOZIE CHUKWUNEDUM Lecturer I O7055468403 zionagoz@yahoo.co.uk Paediatrics
18 DR. CHINAWA, JOSEPHAT MMADUABUCHI Lecturer I O8063981403 josephat.chinawa@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
19 DR. EKE, CHRISTOPHER BISMARCK Lecturer I O8030504785 christopher.eke@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
20 DR. UGHASORO, MADUKA DONATUS Lecturer I O8060388863 maduka.ughasoro@unn.edu.ng Paediatrics
21 DR. MUONEKE, VIVIAN UZOAMAKA Lecturer I O8037432258 vizym@yahoo.co.uk Paediatrics
22 DR. EZENWOSU, OSITA UCHENNA Lecturer I O8036679730 docsita31@yahoo.com Paediatrics
1 ONUOHA, PETER NDUKAKU Prin. Conf. Secretary I  O8037504944 onuohapn@yahoo.com Paediatrics
2 GARBA, NNABUCHI IFEOMA Snr. Exe. Officer O8033763853 ifebbe@yahoo.com Paediatrics
3 ALAKU, NONYEREM CONFIDENCE Scientist O8063392519   Paediatrics
4 AYOGU, CHRISTIANA OBUNWA Prin. Typist O8039463127 christianaayogu@yahoo.com Paediatrics
5 ALOKE, SALOME NKEIRU Lab. Technologist  O8068437742   Paediatrics

Past and Present Heads of The Department




Dr. W. N. Kaine

FRCP (London), FWACP (Nig), FMCPaed (Nig)

1973    -    1976

1983    -    1985

1995    -    1996

Prof. T.C. Okeahialam

MRCS (Engl.), LRCP (London)

MRCP (Endiburgh), FRCP (England), DCH (Engl.), D.T.M & H, FMCPaed., (Nig)



1976    -    1979

Prof. E. Okoroma


1988    -    1990

Prof. J. C. Azubike


1979    -    1982

Prof. A.B Okoro,



 1990   -    1993

Prof. B. C. Ibe



Prof. S. O. Iloeje

B.SC (Hon.), MB.Bch, FMCPaed,


  1993   -   1996

Dr. H. U. Okafor


  2000   -   2002

Dr. I. J. Emodi


  2002   -   2006

At the inception of the Faculty of Medicine in 1967, Paediatrics was a sub-department in the department of internal medicine with only two academic members of staff Dr. Arum Ifekwunigwe and Dr. W. Kaine. It became a full-fledged department in 1973. It has since grown in strength in terms of academic staff.

The staff strength over the years is as follows:
Staff 1974 1996 2000 2005
Professor - 1 4 2
Reader - 1 - -
Senior Lecturer 2 2 3 7
Lecturer I 2 6 7 5

The department also has a research laboratory and library both situated in the departmental office block. These two facilities require more materials in order to increase their scope and function.

At the teaching hospital section the department has the following facilities:
(a) Children Emergency room situated beside the main Casualty with a Diarrhoea Treatment Unit and measles room.
(b) Consultant Clinics
(c) Children’s Out Patient Clinic
(d) Infant Welfare Clinic
(e) New Born Special Care Unit
(f) Wards 6A and 6B

The department prepares under graduate students for the 4th MB.BS Degree in Paediatrics. The student population is 150 for each class that passes through the Department. The students stay in the department for approximately 16 weeks during which period they rotate through 2 units with 2 postings in the Children Emergency Room. Teaching of students comprises of clinical, bedside and classroom teaching. Tutorials are also organized for them. The objectives of these are to familiarize the students with the presentation and management of common childhood diseases, growth and development of the normal child and the strategy of prevention. The 4th MB.BS examination is used to assess students and comprises of written clinical and oral sections. The continuous assessment is an on-going scoring of the students’ performance during the period he is posted to the department and is part of the overall score.

The Clinics run by the department apart from the General Consultant Out-patient include:
(a) Cardiac Clinic
(b) Sickle Cell Clinic
(c) Adolescent Clinic
(d) Neurology Clinic
(e) Nephrology Clinic
(f) HIV/ARV Clinic
(g) Neonatology Clinic.